Friday, December 31, 2010

My Vinyl Begginings

2010 has been a wonderful year!! I have an awesome family, a fulfilling job and lots of time off to travel and enjoy. I can't believe the Christmas season is coming to a close. This time of year goes by way to quickly. All those sleepless nights too excited to sleep because I know my kids are going to LOVE their Christmas presents and let's be honest really excited to see what Santa left me under the tree.

This year I decided to make a homemade gift for my siblings for Christmas. (Part of using my right brain). I came up with the idea of making signs for everyone that had their last names and the date their family was established(year they were married). I have seen these before but wanted to give them my own twist.

I decided to use a tile as my back drop so I went to my favorite tile store Contempo (300w and about 3600 S) and bought 8 20 by 6 inch tiles. The tiles are so pretty they are taupe with metallic lines running through them (they cost about $4 each). Then I borrowed my Mother-in-Laws Cricut and got to work designing the vinyl to go on the tiles.(I bought the vinyl at Walmart for 2 sheets of 12 by 24 inch vinyl it was about $9) It was so fun!! I decided to make everyone of them different, some just had their last names others had fancy letters with their names layered on top and still others had all the family names around the tiles (a favorite for Grandma). Everyone seemed to love their homemade Christmas presents (I have never had so many people call me up the next day thanking me for their gift).

I had so much fun making these gifts for my family and dreaming up other things I could use the Cricut to cut vinyl for that Christmas morning what do I find under my Christmas tree but a brand new HUGE vinyl cutter. My husband always says if he is going to buy me something he isn't going to go small only the biggest and best will do. Needless to say I am so excited to see what fun things I can do with this new vinyl cutter...